New neighbour

12 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

Today we got a new shop and a new neighbour in Nettle!

Tank moved in, he’s still unpacking but I visited him to say hello.

Later I got great news from Isabelle and I went to start my first project (n_n)

I decided to start with a bench so people can sit here while the railway crossing is closed~ I also think it will look cute here with this cedar tree.

After setting up the project I went to visit Leif in his new shop~ It’s very cute.

And I could finally get a watering can!

While watering flowers I noticed double rainbow :D

Later I went to visit Mira at her house… I didn’t expect the interior to be fturistic with this colourful cute outside haha. I also saw some strange stuff in her closet…

When I left the rainbow became more vibrant! It looks amazing (^-^)

Apollo came to visit me, but he seemed to dislike my house :(

After the visitation I went to campsite and found Jingle!!! With winter furniture!! I wanted to order half of the stuff he had in his camper but unfortunately there’s a limit of three :(

Today I also dig up pitfall seed before I fell into it. I gonna keep it as a trophy.

And the last photo of today’s rainbow and my town tree (n_n)



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