Katrina, brains and a lot of rain

03 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

Jeremiah got a small photo session today :D

I tired to talk to everyone today, because I didn’t play for a couple of days and I didn’t even meet everyone yet D:

We are already getting a new neighbour!

I discovered today that you can pick up and blow dandelions <3

Also I spotted the first ballon, but I don’t have the slingshot to pop it yet :(

Later I visited Re-Tail and learned that villagers can buy furniture too! It’s such a cool feature, it made me so excited haha.

And I made a down payment for my house!! Yay!! I already have more furniture that I can put in my tent, so I can’t wait to get big house to decorate~

I visited Celia after that.

And somehow ended up getting this brain in a bottle. It’s… very strange. But it has pretty colours as well. (I hope the house comes with a lot of storage)

I went back outside and met Jeremiah again. Strange man. (I hope it wasn’t his brain in that bottle.)

There was Katrina’s tent on the plaza :o I went for a fortune telling, I think it was pretty bad…

Later I caught a C+

and a bunch of trash (already!!).



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