Blog Update

19 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

Hello! This is the first blog update, or a changelog, or I am not sure what I want to call this yet. You’ll receive posts like these in your RSS/atom feed alongside normal blog posts so you don’t miss anything!

I’m making this post to let you know that I changed some stuff on the website:

★ Post archive now has ‘Continue reading” button under each post excerpt, so you don’t need to scroll back up to click on the tile!

★ I added a small pixel art of my character I made on the main page to greet all visitors (n_n)

★ About Nettle page now has a map and current villager list

★ A new tab in the menu was added so you can see all updates there.

That’s all for now, I hope you’re having a nice week. See you!!!



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