My new house

04 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

My house was built today! yay! I think it’s very cute and I like the cobblestone path under it (n_n)

It seems as due to construction noises some folks didn’t get enough sleep though.

And other are making up for it duting the day (I still didn’t get a chance to talk to Mira ;-; )

After a quick walk around the town I got a visit from Isabelle!

Later I spent a while running around with a lost item. I was surprised that villagers do not suggest who might be the owner like in NH, and it took me multiple tries to find the right person.

But in the end I was able to return it to Carmen

and she gave me a persimmon!!! I wonder if I can plant it?

Later I went to get another fortune cookie and received banana skins :o

I also met Joan for the first time <3 But I didn’t buy any turnips in the end because I don’t think I’ll have time to sell them this week :c

While looking for fossils I found two gyroids! They were exactly the same type haha. I’m kinda dissapointed we can’t place them outside :(

Another thing that surprised me today was home storage. I didn’t know we need to buy furniture to store stuff. I got this little shelf for now and put most of my things away, I’m happy with how my little room looks now~



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