New Neighbour

12 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

Today we got a new shop and a new neighbour in Nettle!

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I Finally Met Mira

11 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

Today was a nice sunny day, I chatted with everyone included Mira (yay, finally)~

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My New House

04 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

My house was built today! yay! I think it’s very cute and I like the cobblestone path under it (n_n)

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Katrina, Brains And A Lot Of Rain

03 Sep 2022 ★ author: anna

Jeremiah got a small photo session today :D

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Town Tree

15 Aug 2022 ★ author: anna

Today I started playing before anyone in the town was awake, so the game gave me this cute view on my town tree (n_n)

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I Bacame A Mayor

14 Aug 2022 ★ author: anna

I came to Nettle today, was greeted as a mayor… so I guess it’s my new job (as if I don’t have enough of them already).

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