I bacame a mayor

14 Aug 2022 ★ author: anna

I came to Nettle today, was greeted as a mayor… so I guess it’s my new job (as if I don’t have enough of them already).

I’m pretty happy with this map! All builidngs are a little squeezed at the top, but I like river’s shape and the fact that I got multiple lakes!! My native fruit is orange just like on my first island in ACNH <3

I put my house down here so I can have a small private garden on the right side~ I hope I can force future villagers to put their houses a little further from me though.

This bench is very cute, I wonder if villagers do come here sometimes?

I tired to take a photo while planting the tree, but it happened so fast!! So here is me with it already growing (^^’)

My first fossil!

And emerald??? What is it for?? I had no idea these exist, haha, I wonder whether they are used for anything or should I just sell them???

AND A HOLE?? (This game is so chaotic)

Later as I was running around the town I found… this thing.

And one erfect orange!! I thought I will need to wait to grow these :o

I like the evening sky a lot, the colours are very pretty~

My first fish! I’m surprised we can’t buy all tools on the same day.

And fireworks! I enjoyed watching them, but I couldn’t figure out how to set up custom firework haha. I didn’t have much luck in Redd’s raffle either but I the small firework was very cute~

Later my bad luck continued. I shaked a tree right after one of my villagers did it… and I got attacked by bees ;-;

Finally I opened the small lamp from ealier and there was Wisp inside!!

As the last thing from today I found this dead flower… :c I need watering can to hopefully reviwe it.



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